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* Extinguisher and gas and smoke alarm systems :

For your  security and the security of the site, our Wagon, as well as our little Bathroom and Toilet shed are both equipped with an All Type (ABC) Fire Extinguishers, as well as a Smoke and Gas Alarm Systems …. 

* Guests for reduced mobility

The site is not suitable for  guests with reduced mobility. The ground and steps of the wagon can be slippery in wet weather. Therefore it depends on your level of disability and your walking ability. 


* Children :

Our wagon is only equipped with one double bed to welcome no more than 2 adults. Unfortunately, for security and insurance reasons, children of any age cannot stay on the site.

* Additional sleeping guests :

This option is not possible, neither in our wagon or in the field with a tent. This is an insurance requirement, and we kindly ask you to respect it.

* Pets

Because of the possible presence of sheep around, and also, to respect the guests who could be allergic to dog or cat hairs or smells in a small and confined space, unfortunately, pets of any kind are not allowed.


* Smoker guests

Both our Wagon and the Bathroom Shed, are a non smoking area. Therefore, if you are a smoker, please, feel free to smoke outdoor (please not on the balcony) and to leave your cigarette butts in the heavy grey ceramic planter at your disposal by the fire pit. Many thanks in advance.

* Parking space :

As our guest will not be allowed to drive their own car or motorbikes (for security reasons and because of some wetland zones) through the two long fields toward our Wagon, they will have to leave their car and motorbikes at the entrance of the first field, in a gated and secure area (since this area is only used by the canal boat long term mooring owners). Although the security at this place is more than effective, we will not be liable, in  case of theft or damage to our guest's car.

* Access to our Wagon:

Corine or Remy will welcome the guests at the Whittington Wharf Marina, and once their car is parked in the area described above, our guests and their belongings will be transported to our wagon, in our little "petrol Mule" 4 x 4. If for any reason, we couldn't use it we would help you to carry your luggage with a trolley. Once at the wagon, our guest will be able to use the bicycles at their disposal to go back to their car or go for rides along the canal or elsewhere. For information, the walking time from our Wagon, to the gate of the first field (where our guests' car will be parked) is about 5 to 10 minutes depending how fast you walk. 

* The Marina

The Shepherd’s Meadow Glamping business is not part of the Marina’s business. In the event of any issue, the staff of the Marina cannot intervene neither interfere with the running of The Shepherd’s Meadow Glamping. In the event of any issue, please call The Shepherd’s Meadow Glamping’s phone number.

Please, read the following information before finalising your booking :

  • Minimum stay: 2 nights

  • Number of persons : 2 Adults only

  • Check in : between 3 pm and 4 pm 

  • Check out : 11 am

  • Price per night for two guests : £75 (no seasonal rates)

  • Price per night over 4 nights (from the 5th night) : £65 per night

  • No refunds/discounts for inclement weather, late arrival or early departure. 

  • A caution of £100 is required (damages, cleanliness) and it will be refunded within 2 to 5 working days by bank transfer to your bank, after inspection of the wagon and the shed, should no damage/losses be found.

Cancellation of your stay (for any reason) :

 * 10 days before : full refund of your payment by bank transfer on your bank account within 3 to 5 working days.

* Less than 10 days before (between 9 days and 1 day) : No refund of your payment except if we or you find another booking to replace your booking within the 9 days period.


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