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* Litghting :

As The Shepherd's Meadow Glamping is “Off the Grid” … there is no electric power at your disposal, but the wagon and the bathroom shed are both supplied with 5 LED Lanterns, battery powered, with plenty of batteries at your disposal.

So, no electric lighting, but still, a pleasant “period style” romantic lighting.

* Water supplies in the Wagon, and the bathroom Shed

The kitchen in the Wagon is equipped with a food grade Enamel bucket with top lid and bottom tap and filled with city water.

A similar system applies in the Bathroom Shed with two  pvc food grade tanks with top lid and bottom tap available for your body washing.

Those containers are emptied, washed and refilled with city tap water in between each guest.

The evacuation of your “ Grey Water ” (kitchen and body washing waters) are operated through a normal waste process through the sinks and shower tray, toward a tank under the Wagon and Bathroom Shed.

* Shower :

There is plenty of water supplies and a real shower tray, with a 7 litres quality portable pressure shower … not enough for a 30 minutes long and burning shower, but still plenty enough for a reasonable warm shower.

* The Eco Dry toilet use :

If you are not familiar with that type of Eco Toilet or have been disappointed in the past by a similar system, we can assure you that our simple and natural Eco system avoids any “natural nasty smells” and has been tested on a 4 weeks trial with an excellent and surprising result.

You will just have to sprinkle some wood dust and /or meadow hay in the bagged bin under, and if you wish, just spray our special mix of essential oils, that's it.

If the system has remained "smells free" for 4 weeks, at the end of test period, it will obviously work out for a shorter stay.

Naturally, if you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of using the same bag for your entire stay, you will always be able to change the Eco bag once a day.

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